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eBook: Why Can I Not Let Go? - By Helen Mia HarriseBook: Why Can I Not Let Go? - By Helen Mia Harris

eBook: Why Can I Not Let Go? - By Helen Mia Harris

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In this eBook, relationship expert Helen Mia Harris explores the question: "Why Can I Not Let Go?" In her private practice Helen repeatedly comes across many people, both women and men, who logically know that the person whom they are with is not healthy for them yet they portray such powerful signs of co-dependent attachment that they find it almost near to impossible to leave. One of Helen's female client explains:

"I display uncontrolled behaviour and a fierce desire to hold on tight, and the more I do this the further away he goes. He leaves, and despite the harm we cause one another, I just can’t let him go and cling more in desperation to have him back. I might wait weeks to see him again and then he’ll make contact and the whole thing begins all over again as if I’m going around and around in some kind of destructive loop that I can’t break free from."

This eBook will:

  • Provide you with useful guidelines to help you break free from addictive Co-dependent love.
  • Offers you the knowledge and a greater understanding of why this may be happening in your relationship.
  • Show you how you can break free from this negative cycle.